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Let’s get something straight from the off. Here at TD Creative, we realise that a lot of SMEs get it wrong when it comes to telling their story. When prospects visit a website they don’t want to be overwhelmed by the story of a brand. This isn’t Jackanory. It’s not This is Your Life. They don’t need to know chapter and verse.

Nor do they want to know your shoe size, favourite colours or coffee preference.

Mind you, we’re from Yorkshire. We prefer tea.

People visit a website because they’ve got a problem. They need to know if a business can solve that problem for them.

All in all, we think the journey TD Creative Studio has been is a story worth telling. But don’t worry, it’s not going to stretch to 1000 pages and be spread over 3 volumes. We’ll keep it short and sweet.



Building a name and the brand

We start the story with me. I studied for a Masters in Graphic Design at Sheffield Hallam University and followed this with a 2 year stint as an in-house graphic designer in the dental industry.

Although important as a stepping stone, I knew that the dental industry wasn’t going to float my boat for very long. Weekends and evenings were spent working freelance, building up a reputation and that all-important client base.

Taking the plunge into self-employment

As all freelancers know, there comes a moment when it is time to quit the day job and become self-employed. For me, that time came in June 2015 and Tarling Design was officially born. What followed was more steady growth of my client base and expanding my services.

The Next Step: Becoming a studio

The next step was to develop partnerships with other designers, developers, social media experts and copywriters – the professionals that would mean that clients could be offered an even greater range of services.

Moving the business from a freelance venture to a studio was the logical next step. It brings us bang up-to-date and onto our current chapter. Now, we can offer all our design and branding services under one metaphorical roof.

You may have noticed that we have recently rebranded. The name change simply reflects the fact that our friendly team isn’t just limited to ‘design’. Our website has been re-developed and we have just updated our logo/branding. We would love to know what you all think!



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