Barker PR Infographic by TD Creative in Leeds

Barker PR is the leading PR and communications agency in dentistry. They are a team of talented, passionate and experienced individuals with a fresh approach to communications who develop highly valuable strategies for client engagement.

We have worked with Barker PR for over a year now helping them out with client projects as and when we are needed. Working with Barker PR has enabled us to provide work for some leading names in the dental industry including Listerine and Johnson & Johnson. The type of work varies from month to month but it is mostly graphic design for print, including brochure and report design, advert design, flyers, leaflet and infographic design.

Barker Listerine Brochure by TD Creative in Leeds
  • Barker PR Business Cards by TD Creative in Leeds
  • Barker PR Flyer Graphics by TD Creative in Leeds
Connecting You With Dentistry Flyers by TD Creative in Leeds

“TD Creative has been a wonderful support to our business at Barker PR – clients love their creativity and they are super reliable.”

Gemma Barker - Barker PR
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