Happy Birthday to us… and special offers for you!

Everybody likes to celebrate a birthday, don’t they? Well, this month has been our birthday! To celebrate, we would like to offer you a very special offer of 10% off our branding and web design packages, booked before the end of July.

The 1st July, to be exact, marked the date of our three-year birthday. It was on this day in 2015 that our Creative Director, Rhian, took a leap of faith and left her day job. Striking out on her own has meant 3 amazing years of working with amazing clients. The work has been varied, exciting and never dull. Projects have included website design, branding, brochure design, exhibition design, and much more.

10% off branding and web design packages booked in July

Yes, that’s right – we are offering 10% off branding and website design packages that you book with us, from now right up to the end of July.

You don’t need us to tell us the importance of a fully-responsive and engaging website. Every business needs one. Whether, your site needs a few tweaks and improvements, a massive overhaul – or you are starting from scratch – our website design packages will ensure you have a bespoke site that is ideal for your needs and bound to impress all visitors.

In today’s busy digital world, keeping people’s attention is a challenge. But, before you can think about keeping hold of somebody’s attention, you need to grab it first.

From a logo design that captures what your business is all about to a cohesive overall brand strategy that sings your brand and its values from the rooftops – or at least from the page of the screen – branding is vital. And, we have the perfect package to make your brand identity shine.

The small print bit: Terms and conditions

We want to keep things simple, straightforward and flexible for you, so we’ve kept the terms and conditions for this special offer to a minimum.

So, here goes…

Basically, you need to have booked your project and paid a 50% deposit by the end of July to secure the work at the special rate.

The offer is available on all website design packages and branding packages – Get in touch for a price list or bespoke quote

Here’s the really great thing too – the work can be booked up to 6 months in advance of you needing the project completed. We’re hoping that this gives as many of our clients as possible the chance to take advantage of this special offer.

Otherwise, a mutually suitable and convenient deadline for completion will be agreed at the time of booking.

All you need to do now is get in touch here or email us: hello@tdcreativestudio.com with your job enquiry, or to just chat through the project you have in mind.


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