Should I hire a design agency or a freelancer?

A big dilemma that many businesses face is deciding whether to hire a freelancer or to choose a design agency for their project.

So, what are the ‘fors’ and ‘againsts’ for these options?


For – Freelancers often charge less than agencies. Not because the work they produce is inferior in any way, but simply because they have smaller overheads than design agencies.

Hiring a freelancer means hiring a specialist. Most focus on one area of expertise, so a web designer does, well, web design – but because they focus on that and that alone, they do it really well.

Most freelancers also offer flexibility. They will often be able to set their schedule around your deadlines and priorities.

Against – What about the downside? Well, freelancers (perhaps unfairly) do have a reputation for being a bit flaky. But, they can be unreliable – if a freelancer becomes ill or has an emergency then work on your project might inadvertently stop.

Also, watch out for freelancers who offer a variety of skills. Some are multi-skilled, of course, but generally a copywriter who also claims to be a web designer and social media manager extraordinaire, is either:

  1. A genius (in which case, hire them!)

Or, more likely:

  1. Exaggerating their skills to find more work. Think ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’.



For – Hiring an agency means gaining access to an entire team, not just an individual. When problems occur on a project, a larger team can pull together and share each other’s expertise to solve the issue. Many businesses build long term relationships with agencies. This brings stability and reliability – always nice to have.

Against – The biggest drawback of choosing an agency is the cost. Agencies will nearly always be more expensive than a freelancer, as they have more costs to cover.



You see, the thing is that freelancers and design agencies both have clear strengths. TD Creative offers the best of both worlds. We share many of the ‘freelance pros’ in that, with us, you get the personal, friendly treatment that you would normally only usually get with a freelancer.

Yes, you actually get to speak to the person who runs the company!

Not only that, you only deal with one person throughout a project. There is always someone there to answer any questions clients have at all times, not just the typical agency office hours.

We have less overheads which means we are also more reasonably priced than most agencies.

And we have ‘agency pros’ too. Because we have an amazing team of creative professionals that we partner with on a regular basis, we deliver the work quality of an agency and cover multiples areas too: web design, graphic design, branding, marketing, copywriting – whatever clients need we can achieve.

TD Creative has taken the best bits from both options and blended it into an offering that gives our clients the best service. Get in touch today to find out more.

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