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NVQ Occupational Work Supervision Qualification 


You must be working in a supervisory role with a minimum of 3 people working under you to be eligble for this NVQ. This is a Fast Track onsite assessment suitable for people already working in Site Supervision. This qualification will allow you access to apply for the Gold CSCS Card.


✓ No time needed off work
✓ 99% pass rate
✓ Mandatory units 
✓ Completion: an average of 3 months

Course Content


There are 5 ‘Mandatory Units’ in this qualification. You need to complete ALL of these, as well as a Further 2 units from a possible 6 ‘Optional Units’.

Unit 1: Confirming work activities and resources for an occupational work area in the workplace. 

Unit 2: Developing and maintaining good occupational working relationships in the workplace. 

Unit 3: Confirming the occupational method of work in the workplace. 

Unit 4: Implementing and maintaining health, safety and welfare in the workplace. 

Unit 5: Co-ordinating and organising work operations in the office.

NVQ Level 3 Process


1: Your allocated assessor will ‘profile you’ to check suitability for the course.

2: Enrolment process agreed and signed up to.

3: NVQ journey (assessment dates) planned and agreed with assessor. 

4: Assessments and observations carried out by assessor.

5: The candidate will then upload their evidence and supporting statements to demonstrate competence.

6: Once the assessments have been ‘signed off’, the portfolio is then quality checked by the ‘IQA’ and Awarding Body.

7: The ‘certificate’ will be applied for and the NVQ process is then complete.

Qualifications gained: Level 3 Occupational Work Supervision Qualification – Gold CSCS Card


✓  Increased earnings potential and responsibility
✓ Gold Card CSCS status
✓ Help you move forward in your career and open up opportunities
✓ Demonstrates knowledge needed to be a successful site supervisor
✓  Lifetime qualification
✓  Industry recognised qualification
✓  Excellent progression opportunities 

Paul Kent gives more detail on the NVQ Level 3

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