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GWT Responsive Website Design Graphics by TD Creative Studio in Leeds

Any business can bang on until they’re blue in the face about how good their products and services are. We kind of expect it – but it doesn’t mean we believe it and it certainly doesn’t mean we drop everything we are doing and say, “Ok, you’re hired!”

That isn’t the way business works, is it? It’d be nice if it was. But it isn’t.

No, if a prospect or lead is to become a fully paid-up customer, they’re going to want to see what you can do. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. For a creative design studio like ourselves that’s where the ‘Portfolio’ page of our website comes in.

But a portfolio can only do so much. It’s a snapshot. It gives a flavour of what we do, but it certainly doesn’t tell the whole story. You don’t get the ‘context of the client’ at all – and that’s so, so important.


Better, we think, to take a case study approach to give that little bit of context, so here goes…

GWT are Import and Export specialists based in Yorkshire. You don’t need to know chapter and verse about the company, but let’s just say that they have direct links to all major ports. They hold all the relevant qualifications and accreditations you’d expect and they pride themselves on being a one stop shop for all movements, by land, sea and air.

And they came to us with a problem.

Their problem was simple and not uncommon. Their website was looking a bit tired and jaded. It was outdated and past its sell-by date, so to speak. It was unresponsive. It just wasn’t very good at all.

But that’s what our work is all about. A client comes to us with a problem and we solve it for them. We recognised that the solutions to GWT’s problems were going to be to work on a new website design that was aimed at creating results for the business. Yes, it needed to look nice, but it isn’t just about the look.

We designed a website that was easy to navigate around and that had call to actions in the right places. We made sure that the site was fully responsive and would work well on mobile devices. With SEO in mind, from our collective we called on the services of our SEO guru, Ryan.

You can take a look at the website for yourself here.

Now for the important bit… the results!

So, the website does all the things we wanted it do, but what about the results?

Well, for starters, organic search is up 303% on the year!

Before we did the work for GWT, the majority of their new leads were acquired either through word of mouth or cold calling. The old site was static and with limited information and limited CTAs, it was no surprise that leads and enquiries were few and far between.

The new approach is very digital-focused. It’s the blended approach of having an engaging, user-friendly design that is SEO-savvy and primed for PPC that really gets results these days.

And GWT have gone from 1 lead per week to 20.

Graphic Displaying GWT Metric Gains From TD Creative Studio Projects


Enough of us! Let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. What did GWT think of our work?

Here’s what they said:
“Effectively we have moved from a very small amount of enquiries – typically from word of mouth and recommendations – to a constant steady flow of leads and positive enquiries which we are receiving on a daily basis.

TD Creative has remodelled, redesigned and provided a newer, fresher and much more corporate interface for businesses. This in conjunction with SEO work has completely reformulated our whole approach to marketing.

We have seen a significant increase in enquiries, calls and leads. Existing businesses and new companies have given positive feedback on design and we have found the calls to action that have been added extremely useful in providing varying means of communication to the user.


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