Bespoke Website Vs Theme Website – What’s best for you?

As web designers, we know there are many different ways of creating a website that’s perfect for you. For some, that’ll require a bespoke website and others, can easily be created with a theme template.

We have no hidden agendas here, and we like to make it perfectly clear what you’re getting yourself into when building a website – whether that’s with us, or anyone else. Theme templates bring the cost down significantly, and we know that this can be an important factor for your start-up, so we won’t jump in all guns blazing with the big bespoke cost if there’s no need to.

You might be scratching your head a little, still wondering what the differences are, and why anyone would get a bespoke website when they’re most expensive. If you’re left wondering, we’re here to answer your questions and shed some light on the things you may still be confused about.

Why WordPress is Best

First of all, WordPress speaks for itself when it powers almost one third of the WORLD’S websites! Even big companies like Sony, Time Inc., The NY Post and NBC use WordPress.

Whether you’re a small business, start-up, multi-million pound company, WordPress could be the perfect solution for you. WordPress offers unique features which is what makes it the platform of choice for many web designers and the perfect solution for many content management systems today.

Theme Website: The pros and cons of choosing to build your website on a Divi Framework

What is Divi? Divi is an ‘all in one solution’, that allows anyone building a website customisable design. Divi provides elegant themes, a robust framework and an easy to manage system for website owners. The most exciting part about Divi is that you don’t have to code the website from scratch, saving a lot of time and also making it easy for someone with no experience in building websites, to maintain their website pretty easily moving forwards.

The Pros of Divi and why you might choose to use the framework:

Cheaper alternative to bespoke design
If you’re a small business/start-up, we know that keeping costs down is an important factor for you. A website is an essential part of your start-up, but a website that costs the earth can often be off-putting and a spanner in the works for a new business. Divi Framework is a much cheaper alternative to building a site from scratch, but equally, you still get beautiful design that is in line with your brand…. And best of all, your customers won’t even notice the difference.

Quicker turnaround than bespoke design
As there’s no need for coding or any deep technical work going into your site, this cuts workload time down by a huge amount. Although you should still customise your framework, the time-consuming task of coding together a site is taken away from the equation, allowing you to get your site published quicker! This also means that any updates you need to do can also pretty much be done instantly, rather than having to wait days on end to get any progress done.

Adaptable framework
Just because the Divi Framework is a template, that doesn’t mean your website is going to look like everyone else’s. You’ll still have a completely unique design, because you’re able to customise the template to how you want it. Anyone who builds their website on a Divi Framework will completely customise their website to have it designed just how they want it too.

No capability limitations
Most themes will give you a limitation on the capability, whereas the Divi Framework doesn’t. Even though we’re using a template, we’re not being limited on what we can actually do in terms of layout and design. Nobody will even notice you’re using a template (unless they’re a WP professional themselves, of course)…

Easily managed
When it comes to your business, things change and update all the time. We know it’s important to keep your website fresh with content for a whole heap of reasons, and we don’t want it to be a nightmare for you every time you want to update something. The Divi Framework allows you to very easily update and add content whenever you wish. The format is clear and concise so that you don’t struggle every time you have to upload something new.

Future proofed
If you decide to go down the route of having a coded website, you’re running the risk of future problems. A lot of web designers and developers may be excellent at creating your website from scratch, but they fall short on the management of your site, post publishing. You might be expected to look after it yourself and that’s when you’ll run the risk of facing hackers and no support. With the Divi Framework, you’ll be sure to get updated customisations, troubleshooting and fantastic support to make sure your website is always safe and up to date.

Easy for you to add and change content
We saved the best point until last! A lot of people that we speak with want to be able to easily access their website to make content updates – and as they aren’t website designers, sometimes they’re a little confused about how the best way to move forward is. With the Divi Framework, it is super simple to update and change content yourself, meaning that you won’t have to pay extra costs when you want simple website updates.

With all the pro’s, you might be feeling like you want to jump straight in with the Divi Framework, but before you do, let’s have a look at what the cons are…

Risk of running slower
If you have a large website, then you do run the risk of your website performing a little bit slower than it should be. Load times could be longer, and in the modern world, people want to see things instantly. Our advice is that if you’re building your website on a Divi Framework, then you want to make sure you don’t have files on the website that take up too much space, slowing down the performance speed. A bespoke design would eliminate this problem.

Your site may be similar to others
Even though the Divi Framework is completely customisable, and you can change as much as you want, your site may still have similar aspects to other company websites. Divi is a popular choice for web designers, and even though you’ll have your own spin on the theme, other websites may have similar elements to yours.

Bespoke Website Design: The pros and cons of choosing to build your website from scratch

Bespoke website design is appealing to many companies, particularly in the tech sector for the uniqueness and flexibility that it offers. If you’re planning on business growth and expansion, then a bespoke website could be the perfect option for you. Why? Templates don’t always allow you to continually add new features, whereas a totally bespoke website will allow you to customise freely and as you wish.

Not only that, but your beautifully built custom design will also be extremely search-friendly (great if you have an SEO strategy in place). If you’re looking for a website that will be totally unique and really sets you apart from your competitors, then bespoke design could be the path you walk (run, hop, skip or jump) down.

The Pros of Bespoke Web Design and why you might choose to go down this route:

100% unique to your business
As bespoke design, you’ll never find someone with a similar site to yours at all. Template designs are great, but you’ll also find that so many websites look similar. You might have to fork out a little bit more for a bespoke website, but it really will show in your finished product. Your customers will be able to tell that you seriously mean business.

Easier to scale up as your business grows
If scaling up is in the forecast for your business, then a bespoke website is a great option as it’ll easily be able to adapt as you do. There are no limitations for your website with bespoke design and any changes that you absolutely need, can be done. Templates are great for those businesses who want to stay the size they are, or don’t have particular plans for growth. If you know what your growth strategy will be, then it’s worth discussing with a web professional whether the bespoke option will be better suited for you.

Faster for bigger sites
If you’re planning on having lots of technical features, videos, add-ons and anything else that’s considered a large file, bespoke design definitely outweighs WordPress templates. You don’t want your prospective customers to land on your website and get bored waiting for the page to load because the site speed is too slow. A speedy website is extremely important in the modern world, with people making instant decisions. The website is essentially your shop window, and making the best first impression counts more than anything.

Needed for special / technical functionalities
A website with any functionalities that are a little out of the ordinary will most likely need to be coded from scratch, as opposed to being build on a template. Technical functionalities or special features that are original and unique to your website most likely will not be able to be created on a template and therefore you’d need to get it developed from scratch.

Let’s take a look at the cons of having to get your site built from scratch…

More expensive than getting your site built on a template
Due to the extensive man hours that go into developing a website from scratch, it’s obviously going to cost a fair amount more. You don’t have the templates there ready to go and a designer has to get the template written and designed from scratch.

Longer process
The same point as above with the extra man hours that have to go into the project, it’s pretty clear that it will also be an extensive process and not an easy one. You will have to have an extensive planning session with your designer, and then they have to get the website coded to have it just the way you want it. Coding a website is not a straight-forward or easy thing to do, even if you do have the experience. Each time a website developer is coding from scratch, it will always be something totally different from what they’ve worked on before.

So, there you have it. We wanted to give you the full rundown to make sure you’re completely clear on what your two major options are when it comes to developing your website. At TD Creative, we are happy to say that we offer both bespoke and themed websites, so we favour neither. We’d say that you should book a consultation with us to discuss your needs, and we’ll advise you (truthfully and frankly) which option is going to be best suited to your needs.

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